Madlen and Lars – Beautiful Galapagos

Madlen and Lars lives in Berlin and she writes Blogs about her trips to foreign countries. P8260990Her website is, where she and her colleague and boyfriend Lars write down every single experience they make on their journeys. „Puriy“ is Quechua and means travelling, which is the perfect name for their blog. They have seen so many different places and now they also visited our beautiful country Ecuador. Since Madlen was in Ecuador already fifteen years ago, she knows how much diversity the country offers and although they just had three weeks in Ecuador, they wanted to do as much as possible. She mentioned: „Fortunately the infrastructure increased so dramatically in the last few years, that travelling had become a lot easier and safer now, than it was fifteen years ago.“ In the beginning they went to the Galapagos Islands, where they did a cruise on ‚Santa Cruz‘. Normally Lars and Madlen are individual tourists and travel aside of tourist paths, but now they wanted to experience the group feeling and how it feels not need to care about anything. The cruises on Galapagos are mostly full board residential, so they get as much food as they want and the tours with guides are included. Madlen said: „The most impressing thing was to see the world under the water surface. We swam with turtles, sharks and lots of fish, while iguanas and seals relaxed on the beach. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am so happy I was able to do it.“ Another highlight for Madlen on their cruise was the island Genovesa, where they anchored right in the middle of a crater. On the island itself were so many nests of baby red-footed boobies and nazca-boobies, which was just a spectacular view. They enjoyed every second on the boat and were sad when they left the Islands, but also very excited to see what the next days will bring. – next experience Napo River