Solo Travellers

Solo travellers are travellers who travel alone during their whole trip. This doesn’t mean that they fly alone to meet up with friends or family on the other side of the world, but their whole journey is solo. Now, you might meet some other travellers on the way whom you’ll spend some time with, however that doesn’t mean you are not solo travelling anymore. This is because these people whom you meet on your way, you are not intended to meet.

Travelling alone gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully, which means that you can go your own way without being limited by a travel companion who has other preferences and tastes. Obviously, solo travel has its detriments -such as safety conditions and loneliness, but if you start your trip well-prepared it is easy to get through the harder parts of your travel.

The good thing about solo travelling is that you can do whatever you want without having to take the other person’s opinion into account. If anything happens, at least you won’t ruin your partner’s day, as you are to blame yourself. You have the opportunity to make your own unique travel experiences. Also, will you be able to focus more on your destination. Besides that, you will be able to meet more locals, as you are looking for some human interaction and it is more tempting for others too to approach you when you’re alone.

When travelling with others we are always selective about the places you would like to suggest and you’ll have to choose your favourite places to go to as others want to choose too. When travelling alone, you get to choose all the places to travel to yourself without anyone suggesting where they want to go to. Also, will it be easy for you to change plans whenever there is need for it, without interference of your companions. Financial control is also a great advantage of travelling by yourself as you can decide yourself what to spend it all on and where to save money on.

Backpacker trips are on of the most popular ways of travelling alone. Solo travellers tend to travel to the more remote destinations where they get the chance to discover the real place, its culture and its people, in contrast to going for a city trip by yourself. Popular destinations for solo travellers are destinations in South-East Asia, but South-America is also increasing in popularity. Especially Ecuador is a perfect country for solo travel. The country is not as popular as Colombia or Peru for travellers and therefore the perfect place to discover. Unlike all the travellers going to Colombia or Peru, Ecuador is a very unique destinations for travellers.

Why travel to Ecuador as a solo traveller? Ecuador is a unique country and known for its great biodiversity. Travelling in Ecuador therefore gives you the chance to see all the different kinds of nature: Amazon, Coast, Islands and the Andes. For either an experienced or an inexperienced traveller, Ecuador is the right place to start your adventure and to discover South-America.

For any purpose, Ecuador is perfect for travel because of its unique culture, nature and people. The people in Ecuador are known for their friendliness and hospitality, so whatever happens – you are lost or ran out of money – they will always be happy to assist you to get you back on the rails. Besides, the way of speaking Spanish in Ecuador is slow and easy to follow for beginners, so a good place to practise your Spanish. If you don’t understand what they are saying, they will speak slower and try to explain what they want to explain more non-verbally or they ask someone else to help explain them what they are trying to say to you. At last, is it a safe country to travel in, even as a feminine solo traveller it won’t be risky. All in all, worth a try to travel in Ecuador!

Several years ago, a programme was launched called Pekin(g) Express; a game in which people try to get from point A to B with only 1 Dollar a day. In one episode, the participants were challenged to travel throughout Ecuador with only 1 Dollar a day. The programme existed in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Here is the link of the episode. Have a look at how the participants manage to travel throughout Ecuador without money.

Do you have any experience with solo travelling? Tell us more about your experiences! We are glad to hear some amazing travel stories about Ecuador.

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