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Gulliver Expeditions is an adventures travel agency specializing in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.   There is always something interesting to learn.  We have written many blogs about foods, legends, cultures, festivals, and customs of each amazing country.  In Ecuador, we specialize with knowledge in each region: Amazon, Galapagos, Pacific Coast and Andes Highlands.

At Gulliver Expeditions, we are an adventures travel agency that prioritizes the information you need most.  Only the most up to date information on recent events and activities is provided each month, along with the latest news and updates of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Now with Covid-19 travel, Gulliver has even created a page specifically for specific COVID travel updates and information you need to know before you travel!  Each notice is updated with the date and reliable links to confident resources you can trust.  We are keeping a very close eye on the developing situations in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

In each newsletter you will find fascinating facts about either Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia.  You can also read about current events with Gulliver Expeditions, new programs, tours and exciting adventures.

Plan your adventures with a travel agency that lives the adventure every day!  Each of our sales agents are dedicated to providing a tour of a lifetime.  Whether it is climbing to new heights on snow-capped volcanoes, perusing the Amazon on winding tributaries in a paddle canoe, or exploring the volcanic shores filled with endemic wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, Gulliver Expeditions will help you create the experience of a lifetime.


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