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Ecuador’s Best Mountains to Climb

Ecuador is full of valleys, forests, highlands, and incredible mountains with jaw-dropping views. Each mountain has its characteristics, each is unique and varies greatly from one to another. As a result, you have many choices to choose from. As a result, you can easily see why Ecuador is home to the best mountains to climb in all of South America. 

Furthermore, the easy access makes these the best mountains to climb. You can arrive between one and three hours leaving from Quito.  Gulliver’s experienced travel agents point you in the right direction in choosing the best summit.  In Ecuador, you find mountains perfect for beginner hikers, occasional climbers, and experienced mountaineers.

A truly amazing advantage of climbing in Ecuador is the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”. It is the Andes’ backbone of Ecuador. Only the best mountains to climb are found in this range. Without a doubt, each summit will take your breath away.

For many, climbing the iconic snow-capped Cotopaxi Volcano is the main objective. Likewise, many seek to climb the impressive Chimborazo Volcano. The Chimborazo volcano has an altitude of 6,268 meters and is a true challenge for experienced climbers.  Even more impressive, Chimborazo has been proven to be the “Closest Point to the Sun” from the center of the Earth. Reaching the summit will make you feel like you are touching the sky. 

No matter which summit you reach, the experience and adventure are incomparable.  

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